Thursday, 24 May 2012

Perry's do it again...again.

Release really excellent, must have figures, just right for your current project that is.

The latest releases for their European Armies range are once again absolutely spanking.
EA13 Italian Clergy
The release includes the very nice Italian Clergy which I can think of lots of uses for in terms of vignettes, set pieces and camps plus attending a carroccio and so on. Some of their best sculpting.

EA12 Italian Personalities
Again very useful and very Italian are the Personality figures, including the famous one based on Niccolo da Tolentino from the painting the Rout of San Romano triptych. The other two perhaps more readily usable but all good non the less.

EA14 Italian Foot Command
The third of the release are once again suitably attired and will certainly join the ranks of the burgeoning (slowly) Italian forces for my Italian Wars project.

They've also released a couple more wagon/cart things to add the the growing range of accessories for the WOTR range which again are all very nice and useful sculpts.

The problem I have with the Perry's prolific output is that they keep on releasing great models for lots of ranges and they make you think of uses you could use it for rather than having the need in the first place. 'Shiny, ooooh..........'

The press release also states that this is the first half of the months releases and that there will be more up soon. Watch that space.

Those lucky enough to be able to get to Partizan coming up, will be treated to the Perry's putting on a WOTR game there which going by the one photo I've seen will be up to their usual standard.

I'll definitely be purchasing some of these new releases, as soon as I get paid that is, having just purchased some Italians from Venexia, the money cupboard is bare this month. The Venexia mini's (bought through Vexillia) are pretty good and very compatible with the Perry stuff if very slightly smaller but not so you would notice in the throng. I've had my eye on these for quite a while and decided to get some when I heard the company may be going under which is a pity as their stuff is very nice and their 15mm stuff quite expansive. Hopefully it won't happen.

I'll post some piccies of the Venexia figs once I get them assembled.


  1. I agree, they look great, I think they will be appearing in my collection at some point. Hopefully mounted crossbowmen will be on the way next.

  2. I'm at Partizan this weekend and the Perry game is one I must see!

  3. I'll be picking up some of these for my Artesia project.


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