Sunday, 22 July 2012

Perry's Italians Released

The Perry's have released the next wave of their European Armies Range which include most of what you would need for fielding a late medieval Italian army.

The mounted crossbow, I hadn't seen previously but were on several peoples wish lists (and radar) and are were a pleasant surprise to me.

Another addition to the list of releases was the handgunners set;

Along with these and the other sets; crossbow, light infantry, command the carroccio set has also been released.

I like this set particularly even though it is really for an earlier period than I'm focusing on. The set is also available as seperate parts; wagon/oxen/figures which is a thing I like with the Perry's wagons and similar kits and makes doing diorama's a bit easier.

I will be getting this set shortly to go with the Clergy models already on the painting table and will form the centre piece for my Italian Army camp.

Not sure if the Perry's are planning on any other future forays into other European Armies or not, I hope they are.

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