Thursday, 16 May 2013

Sisters of Battle vs Chaos - Not a Battle Report

This weeks club game was an arranged game with Dave B and he wanted to have a game of 40K as he'd picked up the new Chaos Army Book and the 8th Edition Rules recently and wanted to give them a try, and as I was keen to see if there were much changes to the rules and I hadn't dusted off my Witch Hunters in years (nee Sisters of Battle) I glady accepted.

It has been a while since either of us had played 40K, and what with trying to use 8th ed army lists that we didn't know and trying to go through the rules to pick up 'changes' (and of course a great deal of time chatting to folk about totally unrelated matters) it took us a while to get the game going.

Once we did 'get going' it surprisingly quickly came back and in rule terms the game is still pretty easy to get to grips with. The difficulty arises where you need to get to know your army and it's abilities.

All told we failed dismally to actual play a wargame and only achieved completing the first turn, hence not bothering to take any photo's since that would probably be cheating. But we still managed to have an enjoyable evening and still managed to throw bucketfuls of dice too.

Having had a short refresher, it did remind me that I thought the 7th Ed Sisters of Battle army list, released in White Dwarf didn't really inspire and that the previous Witch Hunters incarnation was much more interesting.

If nothing else the game has inspired me to add the Penitent Engines onto my painting table queue as they are interesting models.

I'm also quite looking forward to seeing the new 40K Eldar and associated Codex which I believe is coming out next month. It's another of those armies I've collected for years just because I like the models.


  1. There's a lot of differing abilites on stuff which I found quite confusing when I last played and that was doing killteam games. But if needed I have an Ork and Dark Angel army, (Squats as well if you're willing to go back a good few editions)


    1. Hi Andy - I agree it's the Codex specific stuff that gets confusing but may be down to un-familiarity. Might be worth a go with the older Codex though.


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