Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Different Construction Than Normal

My usual hobby past-times have been taking a back seat recently with gaming and painting being pretty sparse of late, but just for a change I'm quite happy about this state of affairs as I have at last got around to building a 'Man Cave', and this has been taking up most, if not all my free time over the last couple of weeks or so.

So I've swapped my craft knife and size 00 paint brush for a stanley knife and a compound mitre saw and have been doing a bit of carpentry instead.

Quite enjoying the whole construction thing and with a bit of progress now being made with the build now water tight and lock fast, I can slow down a bit and get the fit-out under way soon.

I'm now close enough to seeing the fruits of my labour's to be planning games and painting stations and all sorts of good stuff that I can now do with a bit of elbow room to spare that the whole project looking worth while. I'll be doing other stuff no doubt in the new cave but with enough room for 8' x 4' plus storage etc etc the activities planned will involve a game or two.

Still a couple of weeks away from getting whole thing habitable and a couple more to get it fitted out it'll be no time at all before it's under sail. Looking forward to it.


  1. Wow! Superb, and I can tell you that carpentry pays much better than painting. People dream of the man cave but very few can build it themselves!

  2. Well jealous,just wish i had room in my garden for my own one!

  3. If only I had the space for a man cave, it would be first on the priority list! Good luck with the final work on your new cave.

    Cheers, Ross

  4. Looks impressive.

    An 8x4 table as well!

    It would be good to get up to your neck of the woods for a game sometime

  5. Looks very impressive Rory. There will be lots of jealous people looking at those pictures.

    Only question is what colour will you pint the walls?


  6. Replies
    1. I might have a pint too :-).

      Once sheeted, the walls are going to be a off white cream or something similar but a bit more neutral but bright.

  7. Cheers all, it's been a long time in the planning, with preparations going back a couple of years bit by bit, moving gates and fencing, re-positioning existing shed and putting power supplies extensions etc, but looking forward to the rewards.


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