Saturday, 31 May 2014

Future Wars Update 005 - Platoon Command and Section

3 Scots Mechanised Infantry
I've now finished the Platoon Command and the second of the platoon sections for the Mechanised Infantry Platoon for the Future Wars project for the 1st Company, 3 Scots Battalion (Mechanised Infantry) 2065.

The Platoon Command includes a 2nd Lieutenant, Platoon Sergeant, Radio Operator and 51mm Mortar Operator mounted in their Scout Vehicle.

Platoon Command

Next up is Apha Section, comprising Fire Team Alpha 1 with Section command Corporal two Riflemen and LMG Gunner and Fire Team Alpha 2 with Lance Corporal, two Riflemen and LMG Gunner. Mounted in their APC

Alpha Section

Fire Team Alpha 1
Fire Team Alpha 2

With these now done, I've just Charlie Section to finish off and the Platoon is done which, now in progress should not be far away.

I'm starting on more of the Kra'uul as well but trying to find a quicker way to get them done as the first squad took ages to paint even though with a pretty easy paint scheme but we'll work on that one.

More on the Future Wars project soon.


  1. They look amazing, I just love that cammo pattern.

  2. Excellent brushwork on all of these - the vehicles look particularly nice.


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