Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Frostgrave In Da House

Appearing through the door yesterday dropped the Frostgrave package with rules, plastic Soldiers box set, a scatter of resin 'treasure' pieces and a number of metal figures.

Always nice to get pressies in the post.

Most of the bods at the club also seemed to get their deliveries yesterday so I'm quite impressed with the postal drop that Nick at Northstar and team must have pulled off to get all the packages out on time, as I believe most bods about seemed to have got theirs too.

Following reviews (and indeed a fair bit of hype that Osprey Games seem to produce) the rules promise to be interesting and conducive to a decent campaign, which I'm always up for.

Following a quick flick through the rules and they look to be fine and very reminiscent of latter manifestations of D&D rule books in layout and indeed some of the artwork (possibly same artists) but not a bad thing there. Easy on the eye without too much clutter and a decent type face, the rules appear to be quite easy to follow.

I have been looking forward to these rules release and once digested I'm keen to get a couple of games in to see if they deliver what I'm hoping for.

By way of a bit of (really un-connected) inspiration, I have started to re-read the 'The Anvil of Ice' by Micheal Scott Rohan, the first in his Winter of the World series. Apart from being a good read which I thoroughly recommend, I chose the Enchanter Wizard for the Frostgrave start up pack and this fits pretty nicely with the Frost/Ice theme going on and the main character of the series who does a fair bit of Enchanting. Works for me anyway.

Once they've been digested and trialed, there will no doubt follow a review.

I'm sure there will be a fair bit out there in the Interblog about these rules over the next wee while so it promises to be interesting in any event.


  1. With the artwork of Ian Miller I think. I remember reading that series a long while ago and being a bit confused by the end.

    Mine was an Amazon pre-order so I'll get mine next week, read it through and play the following monday.

    1. Always a fan of Ian Millers work, it was what drew me to the book in the first place back in the day. Never actually finished the series only getting to the third book when released. Only recently discovered he did more :-)

    2. I decided I had enough on my plate without getting into Frost Grave but it's nice to hear about someone else enjoying The Anvil of Ice. I love this book and it s well worth finishing the series. For some reason it always had the feel of the Wizards of Earth Sea to it, in a really good way. I could ramble on for hours about it so I'll shut up now!

  2. That all looks like great fun, I can't wait to see how the project develops.

  3. Should be fun right enough, we'll see how things go


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