Thursday, 9 July 2015

Necromunda Campaign Round 9 - Gang Fight?

Round 9 of the current Necro Campaign and the penultimate one too.

Just my Redemptionists, Dave's Goliath's and John's Eldar were ready for a rumble on the day and we laid down equi-distantly and jumped into the action with John plumping for his favourite stand-up gang fight scenario.

John went first and deployed on a couple of roof tops pretty quickly with his snipers and moved the rest forward with a bit of caution.

I having a pretty short range of fire, going next in the running order and set up opposite the far reaching Eldar, went out for a rush to get to cover and a position that I could get some shots off as I closed as quickly as possible, going for some nice 'king-of-the-hill' cover in the middle of the table with a bit of skirting round added in for good measure.

Dave went a bit off-piste and en-masse started to circle round the outside of the table moving behind me.

Things went a bit a-wry pretty quickly for me with Dave taking a pot shot from a heavy bolter at long range at my cover rushing troops and with one shot landing and taking OoA my gang leader. Not a good start. Next when my one gang member who could take a shot, stuck his head out and was promptly downed by one of Johns Overwatch snipers, Two down.

Dave continued his move round behind my positions and the Eldar edged out a bit further under their overwatching snipers. My guys who were in reach, desperately through them selves through the nearest door and thought they were temporarily safe in the central building, and then move through the building to take the fight to the enemy. The rest continued their rush for a bit of cover and hopefully a position that they could fight back.

A Plasma grenade put paid to the idea of safety but only one of the Fanatics in the building was downed by the blast but the plasma ball prevented any further movement through the building. A sniper put paid to the downed Crusader already on the deck and then a Guardian off loaded three shuriken shots into the chest of the tail end Crusader who hadn't quite made it to cover. Bottle test was promptly failed and the Redemption left the field before the end of round three having not fired a shot. Not their best showing to date.

Dave, now having no one to circle behind, about faced and headed back the way he cam and started to move en-masse to towards the new enemy. The Eldar consolidated their gain and took up cover in the central building with a couple of Guardians and the rest headed round straight towards the Goliath's.

To make a slightly longer story shorter, Dave fed in Ganger's into the meat grinder around the building in front of Dave's deployment area, and although the Eldar didn't quite have it all their own way, the Goliath's quickly succumbed to the Eldar onslaught and with five down to perhaps one Eldar, Dave called it a day giving the Ever-victorious Craftworld Eldar the win once again.

At the end of the game, even John admitted that perhaps the Eldar were a bit too powerful and on any one to one encounter were likely to come out on top. Only when ganged up upon, have the Eldar been put to rout.

The grand finale next time is going to be a free-for-all slug fest with an extended break point for each of the gangs in a Tunnel Fight or similar which should be entertaining at least. Till next time.

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