Saturday, 27 February 2016

Future Wars Update 007 - Watchtowers

Another couple of additions to the slowly expanding terrain collection for the Future Wars project just recently finished are these Watchtowers.

Made by Micro Art Studio from Poland, they form part of the Barracks set, two sets of which were purchased by a friend of mine and who didn't need the towers. So these were handed down to me as I had just the need of such pieces.

As far as I know, the towers are not available separately, which is a pity.

Made from the now pretty ubiquitous MDF, they went together easily with only a couple of mild filing areas to make sure they weren't too tight a fit and glued together. Though easily free standing and probably stable enough, I plumped to add a couple of bases suitably textured and flocked and they are now rock solid and perhaps a bit more eye catching.

They were simply painted, as you can see with a two colour paint scheme with some high lights added but I had forgotten just how long these types of terrain piece can take to do just because of the sheer acreage of surface to paint. 

Quite enjoyable to do and the watchtowers are an easy way to add a bit of height to a layout, and they are fitting to the theme of the first battle to come.


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