Sunday, 8 May 2016

Carronade 16 - Show Reportage

Another Club Annual Show, Carronade 16, successfully delivered yesterday and with all numbers (visitors, Club Games, Traders and Painting Comp Entries) up slightly on last year, a bit of a landmark too.

From reports so far, everyone involved enjoyed the day and Traders enjoyed a brisk trade over all.

With the Carronade formula now run-in as it were, the Club Bods have been looking for ways to improve the mix and a number of tweaks were added to help the flow of the day and hopefully make the event more enjoyable. A simple one which though unassuming, caused a bit of comment was the handing out of pre-cut 'chits' on entry (supplied by Warbases) and stamped with the Carronade 16 mark. A nice reminder of the day, and could easily be used as a figure base if required.

The weather was reasonably kind and not too hot, and not too cold so just right and the usual fayre of filled rolls, pie's, sausage rolls, burgers, tea, coffee etc available to nosh on and though not startling was edible and filling and certainly did a brisk trade so couldn't have been too bad.

Parking was noted to be a slight problem fairly early in the morning but passable though there isn't much that could be improved given the limitations of the site but extra parking was available nearby.

There were as I said an increased number of Clubs and Traders putting on games this year and overall a very good standard with the participation games getting a lot of, well, participation particularly. Though nothing really shouted out at me personally, perhaps due to the quick run round the games to check what was on offer, there were several which did catch my eye either because of the modelling involved like Anvil industries promotional game and the Escape from Goblin Town terrain, or the couple of games fought out on snow covered battlefield which were particularly eye catching, Kirriemuirs' Battle of Gaugamela was pretty too but I would have liked to see this one move a bit. The TWSCB ECW game was pretty and action packed too and winner of Best Demo Game.

Anvil Industries Promo Game
Mad Max action
Frostgrave I presume?

Suitably sweeping Naval

Battle of Gaugamela

Escape from Goblin Town

Not sure which game this is but interesting

ECW always good for spectacle
TWSOCB - Winners of Best Demo Game

Blue's Bears WWII Air Combat

Nice terrain, Batman this time

Custers Last Stand - Winner of Best PP Game

The painting competition was well attended this year and the number of entrants in all categories (except the Juniors) were up and the standard of entrants was excellent.

Single Fantasy Figure Entries

Fantasy Unit

Historical Unit and Single Figure

Fantasy Unit

Fighting Unit

Club Open Category

Historical Unit Entries

The judges (with thanks to Martin of Warbases and Wayne of Wargames Illustrated for their difficult task) had a difficult and much time consuming task of deciding the winners.

Club Winners

Fighting Vehicle Runner-Up

Fighting Vehicle Winner &
Best In Show Winner

Single Fantasy Winners

Fantasy Unit Winners

Junior Category Winners

Historical Unit Winners

Historical Single Figure Winners
Overall another good, if tiring day and lots of bods went home having put another show to bed. Next year, onwards and upwards.


  1. What a tremendous show, thank you for sharing all these lovely photographs.

  2. Excellent pictures of this show! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Some great stuff on show there!


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