Wednesday 22 September 2010

Turkey Trot

Back from Turkey and managed to survive, but only just. Good relaxing holiday, with too much sun, beer and food....oh well. Not much in the way of military style delights in the area, and I couldn't convince my better half that an hour and a half bus trip in 35 degrees to go to the museum in Antalya would be a good idea, but as with most areas of Turkey, your never far from some Greek/Roman/Byzantine/Ottoman ruins.

Left, the Temple of Appollon, and above, the Agora, both in Side.

Nice town and the usual resort type stuff, nice people just the beach sucked big time, since the whole beach for miles is literally covered from the sea wall to the high tide line in sun loungers and of course you can't use the loungers unless you buy food or beer etc. If you want to sit and play on the sand to build sand castles, you just can't.

Back to normality now, and with some new ideas and charged up for some gaming, there's lots to keep occupied with now family duty is done.

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