Sunday 2 January 2011

Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to one and all! I hope Santa was kind to you all and you got all that you had hoped for. I traditionally don't get anything remotely gaming orientated unless I put the appropriate article in a loved ones hand and say, 'get me this for my Christmas'. I didn't do that this Christmas, so got a nice selection of the usual family kind of presents, hmmm nice.
Anyway, I have had an inkling to do some GW Tau for a long time, probably since they were released in fact, so just after the day, I went over to my local GW store, after doing the rounds post-christmas returns and cashing in vouchers and such and picked up the Tau Battleforce box set.
I managed to get away unscathed while family in tow, as one of my daughters ex teachers was in the store buying stuff for himself (an on going RPG'er) and his son, and he distracted family while I purchased said item.
I haven't really decided what I'm going to do with all these goodies, I don't play 40K, or at least haven't in a good number of years, so this is going to be a modelling only project which is fair enough and opens up all sorts of possibilities for modelling that if gaming requirements were necessary then that set of practicalities would take precedence,
I'm looking forward to do some fevourish gluing together ala Airfix kits over the next couple of days and put some thought into colour schemes. Initial thoughts are White/Grey/Black or White/ Light Bl;ue/Grey but I might go for something more colourful. We'll see.
The next few days before the dreaded work beckons should hopefully be reasonably productive hobby wise, interspersed with more domestic activities but looking forward to a good gaming year. Figures crossed.

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