Thursday 16 August 2012

Warmachine on Trial

Last week, my game of the week was a small game of Warmachine against my erst-while opponent Dave K.

Dave had recently purchased a starter force of Khador faction troops and wanted to have a trial game to get an idea of how the game played and whether it was really of interest.

Even though I'm a bit of a novice to the game myself, I was sufficiently up on the rules to give the system a run through, using my own Khador troops. So a very un-civil war ensued.

The two forces, small-ish for an introductory game, were not surprisingly evenly matched with my force led by Irusk and being a bit shooty, and Dave's force led by Sorcha being more thumpy. 

All in all, Dave enjoyed the game and saw the possibilities in the rules; easy to pick up but hard to master was his verdict, which is pretty near the mark I think. With a great deal of depth to the rules, surprising in a 'Fantasy' rule set perhaps, but certainly worth a visit now and again because of the tactical and strategic versatility of the rules.

More games to follow no doubt in the fullness of time. Might even get the troops painted up, even if it's just to differentiate between our black clad forces.

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