Monday, 5 November 2012

LotR Impetus Style

Earlier last week I took part in an experimental game of Impetus Fantasticus, using the LotR mods from the Impetus forum, with the game organised by Kev and with myself, Andy, Ian and Dax as the guinea pigs and Kev umpiring the event.

A pretty quick game all in all even though the there was four players (two commanders a side) and each taking it in turn to play.

The game was very much a trial of the rules and mods as Kev had a few reservations on the suggested stat lines for the various racial troops being, as a whole too good.

The game was quite fun all in all, even though my command was annihilated, mainly due to consistently atrocious dice on my part and losing the game for the bad guys in the process.

The consensus at the end was pretty much unanimous. Good game, but too many special rules (for almost every troop type) and everything a bit too powerful.

Kev is now way planning changes to the rules and unit stats to find a happy medium probably using the Impetus game mechanics but using a more LotR turn structure. All good stuff and the way I think all gaming should be, if you don't like the rules, change 'em to what you like playing. All very 'old skool' methodology. I look forward to next bash where Kev has promised a big game round the relief of Helms Deep to trial the ammendments. Should be fun.


  1. The basing is War of the Ring but the feel was quite different, though the proposed mods are likely to move a bit more that way particularly with the turn sequence.


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