Saturday 2 February 2013

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Intial Empire advance on the HE lines
This week another club game and surprisingly for me another game of WHFB's, two in a row being rare if not unheard of. This week it was a lay-down game with Dave Burns who was wanting a bit of practice for an upcoming tournament, and he was fielding his High Elvesa which he hadn't used for an age.

I fielded the same experimental list that I had used a couple of weeks ago against Ian's Orcs, which though a bit 'soft' for a tournament army had appeared to be quite fun to use and if it managed to get into contact with the High Elves would make mince-meat of them, but that was a big if.

With a standard Pitched Battle scenario we had at it, and the first couple of moves were uneventful except for a spectacular annihilation for a unit of Reavers by the Empire Pistoliers in Rd 1 and their subsequent rout caused by extensive missile fire. The Empire generally advanced as quickly as possible on the HE Line and the Elves tried to slow them down.

The killer for the Empire in this game proved to be the HE Level 4 Wizard with a rather nasty spell book which seemed to kick in pretty quickly and this destroyed firstly the entire unit of flaggellants bar a couple which went down to subsequent archery, then the unit of milita with warrior priest took a pounding over two rounds from spells and archery till it broke just before managing to get the enemy lines. Near the end the Greatswords took the brunt of the magic and was reduced to 25% strength before being charged in the closing minutes by the Sword Masters and a unit of Reavers.

My Mortar trio didn't do to well in this game being remarkably inaccurate but did manage to snipe a few figures here and there, but overall disappointing.

When the remnants of my force reached the HE lines in the person of the General, an Archlector an the unit of Halberdiers with Warrior Priest the result was quite spectacular, with the destruction in one round of a unit of Archers and the entire Unit of Lothern Guard going down in a very gory fashion. but it too little too late.

My Swordsmen didn't fare well against the axe weilding maniacs on the HE right and the mortar crews had been picked off by the remaining eagles so by the end of Rd 5 it was with time out, another drubbing for the Empire.

Quite a fun game for a quickly organised Pitched Battle affair. It will be interesting to see what will happen to the HE army list under 8th Ed though, bet they lose that spell book.

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