Tuesday 9 April 2013

Claymore Castings - Islesmen/Gallowglass

Once again Claymore Castings improve their range with the next coming release of Islesmen/Gallowglass.

A very useful release for a warrior type that has been very poorly supported to date, so a very welcome addition to the range and can be used for a pretty wide time period (roughly 2 centuries) for the West Coast types.

Next up apparently are Highland bowmen.

Check out David's blog, Saxon Dog for some more piccies of these


  1. What time period would you think these would be usable for?

    1. The range is for the 14th Century, but these particular figures can be used from the late 1200's right up to the mid 1500's for Scots and late 1500's for Irish Gallowglass.


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