Friday 7 June 2013

Descent on the Westfold - LotR Skirmish

This week's club game was a bit of an impromptu game of LotR SBG as the planned LotR Impetus game had to be abandoned due to tooth ache (it's a long story ;-) ). Enough to say that to avoid disappointment we (Kev, Ian anf myself) decided to have a quick favourite scenario fix - Descent on the Westfold, Rohan defends three buildings with a random re-enforcement roll and are being attacked by an initially outnumbering Isenguard force of Uruk and Dunlendings. Victory to the bad-guys if they torch all three buildings.

Going the bad guys as usual, I split the troops into three even groups and went for it. Ian opted to try and take out the Dunlending contingent to the south first and had a greater number defending there.

Uruk advance to the village as the day dawns
The first round was uneventul as the bad-guys advanced towards the village and there was an exchange of fire each side losing one of their number.

The second round and of course the re-enforcement's appeared immediately in the form of a Mounted Captain, Banner Bearer and three Outriders who went to join their companions to the south as the Dunlending's charged into contact and took out two or three of the defenders in quick succession.

The game pretty much went talong these lines, with the the other defenders to the west and north going down in a couple of rounds and the buildings being quickly put to the torch.

The Isenguard forces had pretty good luck (not my usual state of dice rolling, so all the better for that) and the Rohan defenders went down very quickly, even the Cavalry on the charge failed to make much of a dent and with the Dunlendings holding up things to the south side, the Uruks put the village on fire till at the end with one building gone, one more all but gone and the last well ablaze and the solitary Rohan Captain about to be swamped by a horde of dark skinned reiver's the game was declared for the baddies.

A fun game and one which saw an unprecedented success to the raiders, this being the first time in playing the scenario that the raider's had managed to burn the village and get the win.

I do think I've used up all my six roll's for about two year's though.


  1. Very cool looking game - terrain and figures look great. I can sympathize with the toothache - went through a root canal and crown about a year ago. Best, dean

    1. Cheers Dean - I'll pass on the toothache sympathy


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