Saturday 26 April 2014

Assault Trooper Trial Figure

Just finished off this trial conversion of an assault trooper. The plan is to do a small unit of twelve of these chaps for my on going Lornian Campaign.

The figure is a conversion of one of the Perry's designed GW Dogs of War range Republican Guard with a Bretonnian Men at Arms plastic head swap, hand and hammer from the Empire Knights and the pavaise is from the Perry's own Orleans range.

All the bit's fitted together quite nicely and the simple paint job brings it all together. Overall quite pleased with the result and it turned out pretty much as I originally imagined the idea. Not a hundred percent happy with the shield design but that can be tidied up and remedied with the rest of the unit, now that I know the idea works.

If you want to know a wee bit more about the background fluff behind the unit you can check it out on the Lornian Chronicles blog.

I'll start on the rest of the unit now and hopefully post the final results realively soon.


  1. The shield design looks great. Very nice conversion on this model.

  2. He looks great, love the shield too!

  3. Nice work on this very heavily armored figure


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