Sunday, 6 July 2014

Even more Perry Goodness on the way

With the Perry Bros announcing a couple of days ago that after, what 36 years or something, that they are leaving Games Workshop and devoting their energies on Perry miniatures, the output of their already pretty prolific output will only pick up.

I assume from their departure that they are financially secure enough with Perry Miniatures that they no longer need their day job. Good luck to the guys with their future endeavors, I'm sure this can only mean good things for the rest of us.

Some early work on
 Knights box set
Dave Andrews painting of
 the early work

Already, they have announced the release date for the plastic Foot Knights box set for August and have recently brought up in their workbench the 1415-1429 English Infantry set and the 1450-1500 Light Cavalry set, but so far with no release dates.

With the Bros now spending their energies only on their own outputs, I'm sure we can look forward to lots of more Perry Goodness on the way.


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