Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Necromunda Campaign Round 4 - Gang Fight?

Round Four of our ongoing Necromunda Campaign a while ago was a pretty brief and slightly un-fulfilling affair.

With just the four of us; Me, Dave K, Kev and Andy, we plumped for the familiar Gang Fight Scenario. (The Campaign info and so on having been lost due to a server crash and all the club forum stuff being consigned to the great unknown) we decided to keep things simple to get things going again.

On a 4' x 4' table it was a straight random deployment and 'have at ye!' kind of game. The game was really over very quickly. Dave's Goliath's mob charged Andy's Van Saar and by round 2 the Van Saar were broken and off table. My Redemptionists, doing much the same moved towards Kev's culty types and after a round of ineffectual fire as they advanced, the next round also proved decisive and Kev's guys broke with more than half the gang on the deck down or out of action. Strike the second gang.

It quickly dawned on us that things weren't really working here. My Redemptionist's now turned and tried to re-group as Dave's Goliath's advanced round the flank towards me in a bit more coherency. It was obvious that who ever got the attack/charge in first was likely to win and as Dave was already in a tighter group than me, he proved to be the favourite and with a gang's worth of shot's dropping three of my number and taking another out of action, the game was over by round four.

No one really enjoyed the game. Mob rule, a slightly too open battlefield and too small a table for four players meant that every one was within a move of each other and volley firing was just to effective for the relatively small gang numbers.

Lessons learnt, but a couple of gangs a bit battered especially Kev's.

Next update on the campaign Round Five real soon.


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