Monday 13 April 2015

Necromunda Campaign Round 5 - Catch the Curator

Another round of the Club Necromunda Campaign and this time Dave (the Winner of the last round) had picked an interesting scenario for this rounds game, 'Catch the Curator'.

The scenario deals with a Curator who has been sent to look for an ancient piece of Archeotech in the Underhive and the gangs are looking to sieze this treasure for themselves to get the reward. This multi-player scenario starts with the two highest throwing gangs doing a 'Shoot Out' in the central street, with the remaining gangs coming in at random from the other areas once the shoot out has developed. Each gang has a maximum number of 10 involved and as all are 'low profile', no special or heavy weapons. Random events now kicking in threw up (no pun intended) 'Pollution', so no Tunnels and Vents deployment.

With a good turn out and seven players in the mix we had two tables with players randomly appointed; the first with Dave's Goliath's and Doug's cultists in the shoot-out and my Redemption crew coming on as the 'mixers'. The second table had John's Eldar facing off with Ken's crew, and Andy's Van Saar and Dave M's Ratskins as the late comers.

The Goliath's and Cultist's moved up quickly to each other and then let rip at close quarters and in that one round half or more of Doug's Cultists dropped with hardly a scratch to the Goliath's. Doug beat a hasty retreat from the bad fire fight leaving the Goliath's to swoop in and grab control of the Curator.

On the Other table, a similar story unfolded with the Eldar quickly gaining the upper hand against Ken's dude's but Ken refusing to go quietly into the night, swept up the Curator and tried to back off the table with the objective.

The Goliath's formed up a protective line in the street and awaited the rush of the Redemptionists, who having almost no shooting weapons in the gang due to the no Special/Heavy weapons scenario rule, were going to be forced to get to grips, hand to hand very quickly.

After a couple of ranging shots from both sides as the Redemptionists closed, to no real effect, the fanatics broke cover and launched their attack against the Goliath brusers and in a furious couple of rounds of combat, over half of the Goliath's were down and/or out and the Goliath's bottle broke leaving the Redemptionists the victors on table one with no losses.

Table two was a much more confused, but no less bloody story. With the shoot-out over a Ken trying to back off with the Curator in tow, he was thwarted by the subsequent deployment of Dave M's gang right behind him. So caught between the Ratskin's and the Eldar, his gang very quickly succumbed to the rock and the hard place and his gang looked very 'gone'.

The Eldar swooped in to scoop up the Curator left standing by the departing Ken's Dudes and proceeded to escort him off down an alley away from Dave M and Andy's gangs and off table to seal the victory for the Eldar. Andy's Van Saar never getting to take an active part in the goings on as he deployed to far from the action to get in before it was all over.

With the Redemptionist's winning on table one and for no losses, I managed to pick my first victory of the campaign and have the honour of picking the scenario for round 6.

So far a pattern is appearing with fights between two gang's more often than not very one sided (often not a lot to do with gang rating) and player's going out of the game very quickly (ie in a round or two). The only thing giving gang's any resilience being numbers. This scenario limiting gang's to ten each made this even sharper as a result.


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