Friday 17 May 2019

Carronade '19

Another annual FDWC show over and done on Saturday there and with the weather pretty much perfect, the crowds managed to attend in good numbers and all seemed to generally enjoy the day oot.

The show still seems to grow even though I thought things were at capacity last year but with a couple of extra traders and games on from last years numbers, the guys having opened up another area for hosting things I think things must be at the limit now.

The show was busy from the get-go and didn't really tail off until mid to late afternoon. The traders all reported a bristling trade which is good and all the clubs attending saw plenty of interest in their respective offerings.

The Flea market was bigger than before and was populated for the whole day and the painting competition saw it's highest ever number of excellent entries, so all in all a successful day.

Some of the games in view in the back hall;

In the centre hall;

In the front Hall;

And in the hall upstairs;

The Painting competition as I said had it's highest level of entries to date and with a very good standard too. All the categories had a decent number of entries this year, so all the categories were a competition which is good to see, particularly the Junior category (which even had an entrant at the grand age of 3!).

Some Competition entries;

And the category winners;

Another tiring but enjoyable day, chatting to Joe Public and catching up with bods you only see at shows from the greater wargames fraternity. Next years show is already under planning.


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