Monday, 9 May 2011

Carronade 2011

Recovered from the exertions from yesterday and an enjoyable but exhausting day at Carronade 2011 show yesterday. A good show and everyone spoken to including other clubs and traders seems to have had a good day too.


 A good selection of games in period, scale and type were on offer and plenty of them (over half) were participation games so you could try your hand if desired. I wish I had had more time to check all the games out in a bit more detail but being engaged upstairs for a good part of the day with the painting competition prevented a leisurely study.

The entries in the painting competition were of a generally very high standard and I was pleased to see a good number in the Junior section equally of a high standard and some very keen gamers.
Junior Category
Calum Farmer's 'Troll'
Military Vehicle Category
Tony Carter's 'Tiger IIB'

Historic Unit Category
Peter McCarrol's - Salzgitter Landwehr Battalion 
Single Historical &; Single Fantasy Categories
Gary Martin's 'Scottish Soldier' &
Michael McGeachie's 'Ogre Mercenary'
Fantasy Unit Category & Best of Show
Caz Paul's - 'Brun and Lug'

Lots of great entries and the other's will be available to view soon on the club website soon.

I thought there was a fair selection of traders at this years show but again not enough time to go round them all properly. I did manage to pick up three boxes of the Perry Miniatures Mercenaries at a very reasonable price (Thanks Marco!).
These, along with a box of the WotR infantry are going to be the basis of Italian Pike unit for use with my French Italian War army and occasionally Hungarians, and some crossbow also for my Hungarians. I am also thinking about another little project for my early Italian Wars French army but more of that another time. Picked up a couple of other bits and bobs for terrain use but some more quality time (and more ready cash :-) ) was needed. 

All in all a good show and a really quick day. Looking forward to the next one already. Will post some more of the show photo's here son.

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