Sunday 14 August 2011

August WIP

As part of my Italian Wars project I have now started on a unit that has been in the back of my mind to do for quite some time, namely the Garde Ecossaise (the body guard of the French Kings from the mid 1400's right through to the dissolution of the French Monarchy.

An early shot with the basic assembly done and with a bit of modelling to do with green stuff to fill in the gaps and model the surcoats over some of the armour;
Garde Ecossaise WIP
A fair bit to dop but pleased with the look so far. I'm just glad that the Perry's brought the European plastic figs out, gives lots of possibilities for this kind of modelling.

Next on my desk is the next (small part) of my 'Abbey' terrain project, just a filler/sand alone piece put together while I'm casting loads of arches for the next couple of larger pieces.
Abbey Terrain 002 WIP a
Abbey Terrain 002 WIP b

A simple little piece but hopefully will add a bit of character to the final completed project.


  1. I really like your terrain piece

  2. Nice terrain piece! I'll keep my eye out for the updates on the Abbey and the Scots guard.

  3. Thanks guys. I'm enjoying doing them and they should be useful once competed, more pretty soon.

  4. Very, very nice. Are those Perry plastics there, or something else entirely?

  5. All perry plastivs with a couple ofbits of minor alterations Brian. Going to add some mods with green stuff to finish them off.

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing the Abbey on the table

    Not so sure about the Gardes tho - they look a bit on the hard side to me!

  7. Thanks Dave. The Garde Ecossaise will not be too hard, honest ;-)


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