Friday, 22 July 2011

Awake! Fear! Fire! Foes! Awake!

The defence of Almsburg
With the penultimate battle of our Warhammer campaign now complete and the Dark Elves have managed to reach the town of Almsburg and the Baron and the remnants of his army attempt to defend the beleaguered town with the help of the town militia, the game was a run of the rulebook scenario 'Raze and Ruin' with the Empire defending with 1125pts against the Kev's Dark Elves 1500pts.

The batlle started out initially pretty good for the Empire with the mortar being particularly effective and scoring three bulls-eye's in a row on the DE crossbow and generals corsairs and the handgunner's shooting taking out a fair number of the corsairs too. However once the witches got into the town taking down the flaggellant speed bump and soon after a unit militia and the dark riders running through the woods to take out the mortar it began to quickly fall apart.

In the end, like all good stories, the Empire troops went down fighting, the Baron leading the remnants of the militia to their doom and they charged the now captured tower and were cut down to a man by the DE general and sorceress and a hail of bolts from the bolt throwers, leaving at the end the lone survivor, the mage, to slip away and tell the tale. All good stuff.

Good showing for the Empire and they stood up better than expected. Next time the Margrave will show them what's what. Fancy a final 'final' game Kev, with the Dark Elves doing a breakthrough scenario against the Margrave and his 'relief force' to escape with their ill gotten gains?


  1. Sounds interesting..any close up pics of the troops?

  2. Fraid I didn't take any other pics at the time. Will try and get some pics of the troops and post when I can.


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