Saturday, 9 July 2011

Lizard for tea...anyone?

As an aside to my wargames related activities, I've just got back from being over to see my Mum for the weekend and doing a bit of lumberjacking with my number 2 son. On the way over we stopped up from Rhunahaorine (the site of a minor battle in 1647 between Leslie's Covenanters and Alastair MacCollas' Irish and Scots Royalist troops retreating to Dunaverty) mainly due to the very nice sunset which we watched unfold.
Jura from Kintyre
The scenery and the drive got me thinking (again with the thinking) about the Lords of the Isles and early medieval Scotland. Might be picking up on the Scots medieval army again, MacBeth sort of period maybe or maybe something a bit later like a Isles and Highland army circa the Battle of Harlaw. The early period has always been a period of interest in Scots history for me and seeing some nice period armies recently and indeed the trip down to Kintyre has given me some inspiration so maybe yet another project on the way. Maybe need to finish one of my ongoing ones first. ........ Na!

This week, my game was a friendly against Dave B and his Lizardmen army for WHFBs. This army is Daves latest army for Warhammer and has only had maybe one game with it and was keen to give it another outing so my Empire was wheeled out again to oblige.
Initial deployment
About the game, probably the less said the better other than to say commiserations to Dave who had one of the worst night of dice throwing I've seen. Thanks for the game Dave.

On a different note, I picked up a copy of Cossacks 2 out of the bargain box at the local Game Shop for the PC.
Note usually a great Napoleonic gaming fan but for a couple of quid worth picking up, and since I did like the first game in the series many years ago, thought it might be interesting. Lead up to 10,000 men to victory at the battles of the Leipzig, Borodino and Waterloo, could be fun with a bit of a light entertainment on the cards when invading Russia.

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