Sunday, 31 July 2011

July WIP

WIP Italian Pike
Just a few WIP shots this time with the first being some Italian Pike which should be multi-functional for my Hungarians and French Italian Wars Armies plus various other possible applications. The figures are obviously the ubiquitouis Perry's with a few of their European heads mixed in, the heads are generally chosen for the south of the alps feel. Should be fun painting.

Next up on the workbench, is a couple of things for my Empire Army. First the Army Standard Bearer on foot;
Empire Standard Bearer WIP
The 6th edition Greatsword commander fig with a couple of simple conversions. This figure is again a Perry's designed figure from GW and is a great basis for all sorts of conversions with fantasy and historical applications.

The next is your ever favourite Flaggellants;
Empre Flaggellants WIP
A mixture of 4th and 6th Edition Flaggellants with again a couple of minor conversions. These have been kicking about on the workbench for a while and indeed have been used in the recent WHFB campaign at the club so thought they aught to be on the painting production line for next month.

I have decided to set myself a target for August, my painting tally the last couple of months has, for a variety of reasons, been pretty pitiful so I thought I would try to get some of the foregoing figures painted, to a gaming standard by the end of August, aiming for at least thirty figures which is just one a day. Wish me luck on my endeavour....I'll probably need it.

On a different note, welcome to the Warblog is due to Vladdd309 whose musings on recent figure and rule releases is worth checking out.


  1. That pike unit is looking great!
    I'm now following your blog to see how they come out :-D

  2. Thanks Paul. Quite a large unit so will probably do it in a couple of lots but we'll see how we get on


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