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Mordheim 'Season 2' - The Magnusdorf Shuffle

The second game of the new Mordheim season and the growing number of warbands found themselves on the next step of their hunt for the 'Great Treasure' which took them to the Village of Magnusdorf lying within the boughs of the Drakwald Forest.

The Beastmen advance into a shower of Kislevite
 bullets and arrows
Following the last mission, the bands discovered the whereabouts of a Necromancer who had taken over the isolated village of Magnusdorf, killing or scaring off the inhabitants and holing up in the tower.

The focus of the bands attention is the spell book which the Necromancer possesses which holds secrets that the bands believe will aid their hunt. Noting that the Necromancer is away on his various nefarious scheme's, the bands have decided to try and take the book while the getting is good, so the race is on to try and grab the book before any of the others get there first.

Unfortunately, the Necromancer has not left his 'hole in the wall' undefended, with magical wards and the animated remains of the villagers who failed to escape his take-over.

The Reiklander's find a good spot for a bit of longbow
The warband's venturing into the village this time were; Kev's Beastmen, Ian's Reiklanders, Dave and his Kislevite's, Andy and his Sister's, Pete joined us for the evening and took up the challenge with Skaven band and I completed the half dozen contestants with the second Kislevite warband.

The first move was a quietly rushed affair with everyone moving quickly into the ruined village and going for ripe spots to defend or attack from.

The Sisters quickly find a redoubt to defend against
 all comers
The Sister's moved into an almost completely ruined building immediately and defended this strong point for the rest of the match. The two Kislevite bands at opposite ends of the table headed for cover and a lucky early longshot from a Cossack took out a Beastman doggy at the southern end of the village, as the Beastmen trying to use cover advanced quickly towards them.

The Skaven skulked through some buildings from the north east and started to skirmish withe Sisters both behind cover to little initial effect. The Reiklanders being a bit out on their own took up good look out positions while advancing in cover towards the northern Kislevite band.

The Village of Magnusdorf -
or what's left of it as the warbands advance into the fray
The Beastmen lost another dog to the same Cossack sharp shooter, and decided to rush the Kislevites in the south and with the Centaur failing it's stupidity test but getting frenzy it flew forwards into what should have been easy meat Kev managed to roll three rubbish dice and completely missed to sitting Kislevite Warrior who promptly responded with a critical and took out the beast, much to Kev's chagrin.

The Reiklanders skirmished with the northern Kislevite's and started to gain an advantage with the Kislevites being outnumbered and in a awkward position and who had received the only  magical strike to strike home from the Necromancers tower too, started to get pushed back.

The Sisters distracted by Kislevites have Skaven creeping
up on them from the other side
The Skaven quickly launched an assault on the Sisters stronghold, who were slightly distracted to their rear with a bit of a clash with the Kislevite's to the rear. With two or three of the stronger Nuns off dealing with the Kislevite's the battle in the ruin was vicious and bloody and the Skaven, although loosing a couple of their number in the process, put a half the Sisters on the ground.

The Sister Superior and a couple of her entourage tussled with half the Kislevite's and a short exchange of blows put two of the Kislevite's out of action but also lost the Sister superior and a second in command to the band-Rus with another on the deck.

Before the oncoming horde of beasts could react (my turn first) and run or rush, the Kislevite Captain shot the Beastman Shaman and the Beastly types failed their break test and were off. (Kev being understandably un-chuffed with only having thrown three dice all game and hadn't struck a blow).

The uneven contest between the Reiklanders and the northern Kislevite's drew to a close with the Kislevites failing their break test soon after the Beastmen (Dave wisely was going for a volutary one any way to cut his losses) and although the Skaven had practically demolished the Sisters they too broke on their break test. Andy decided, following a really bad round with half his band out of action and most of the other half lying down to leg-it.

This left my Kislevite's (with two down) to face Ian's full strength Reiklanders ensconced in their bunker which I didn't think I was likely to win so did the un-honourable thing and decided to keep my losses to a minimum and legged it too, leaving Ian to face a couple of zombie's which had decided to appear near the end of the struggle. These Ian quickly dispatched with out much ado and claimed the Necromancers Spell book as the prize, and a well deserved win.

The Necromancer's wards and zombies didn't play much part in the game disappointingly, with the throws for zombies and random magical bolt strikes from the tower being fairly few and when they happened, inaccurate, but it all added to the fun. (and dice rolling).

Next up in the saga, another jaunt into the countryside in search of the great treasure where the search moves into the Reiks Marches.

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