Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Wappinshaw '13

Last saturday I attended the Glasgow wargame's show 'Wappinshaw '13' held in the Kelvin Hall in the west end of the city.

The show has moved location again and this is only a temporary home too as the hall used this year is being re-decorated, so it will be a move again next year. A pity since the move to this location was a good one since the hall was very spacious and at a comfortable temperature with a good deal of space to grow into for the show, but alas it is not to be.

The show did not appear to be busy but it was a big space to fill, but there were a good number of traders (some completely new to me) but a bit of a lack of games on view.

Personal favourite game of the show -
GDWC's Battle of Glasgow Green'

Picked up a couple of bits and bobs; some highlanders for a long way away project to put together the Appin Regiment and some resin bits from Ainsty for my Future Wars project.

A bit annoyed as several of the traders didn't seem to have much stock with them, particularly Warlord who surprisingly had almost nothing of their new releases with them.

The weather was very nice and enjoyed the day out in the west end of the city since I hadn't been there for quite a while and yonks since I'd been in the Kelvin Hall.

It will be interesting to see where Wappinshaw appears next year, a bit like hunt the tardis, but hopefully they can find a permanent home to build on.

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