Sunday, 11 May 2014

Carronade '14

Yesterday was the FDWC annual show Carronade 14 and once again, a busy and successful day was had by all.

With an increase in the number of Traders and Clubs putting on games and an increase in the number of bodies through the door, Flea Market Traders and Painting Competition entries, everything was on the up, which is nice.

I think the Traders and games is now at the maximum the venue could reasonably hold so it's going to hard to beat this years show in terms of the quantities on offer.

Not sure if the weather helped or hindered as it was yuch in the morning but brightened up in the afternoon, so likely a bit of both.

The games on offer this year were generally very good with a couple standing out for me; Kirriemuir's 'Alexander vs the Thracians', Durham's 54mm 'D'Erlion's attack at Waterloo in 54mm' was quite spectacular, The Old Comtempibles 'Gleaning Katana's' and Dumfries' 'Tajima at the Bridge' were both excellent oriental games and the League of Augsburg was the usual eye candy and Border Reivers 'The Battle of Trafalgar Square' were all excellent games but there were a lot of games I liked and good to see more than half the games were public participation too.

Didn't get a chance to see the whole venue's games missing out on the upstair's games totally and indeed didn't get a chance to go round the trader's at all with being tied up with the painting competition and otherwise catching up with people you only see at the shows, but no complaint's at all. Good day all round.

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The Painting Competition was as I said up in the number of entries from last year, which was good to see with a very good standard in the entries. A bit disappointed in that the number of Junior entries was down significantly as was the Single Historical category, but otherwise up everywhere else.

Congrats to all the winners and runner's up in the categories and to Christopher Miller who picked up the Best of Show as well as the Single Fantasy category as well.

Junior - 1st Jonathan Miller  - Cultist
2nd Ryan Herd - Herald of Nurgle

Fighting Vehicle - 1st Andy Kirkwood - KV-1
2nd Mark McNaught - Khador Battlewagon 

Single Historical - 1st David Marshall - WW1 German Sniper
2nd Bill Ferguson - 101st Bar Gunner

Historical Unit - 1st David Jarvis - Frederick the Great & Generals
2nd - Stewart Ramsay - 1st Louisiana Special Btn Wheats Tiger's

Single Fantasy - 1st Christopher Miller - Infinity Uxia (Best of Show)
2nd Caroline Watson - Nurgle Champion

Fantasy Unit - 1st Christopher Miller (again :-) ) - Nomads
2nd Paul Laurie - Everblight Warspears

FDWC Open - 1st Marco Grillanda - Scratch Built Colonial House
2nd John Martin - Dragon
Hope everyone attending had a good day, I certainly did, and I'm looking forward to the next one already (though not the table moving). A well done to everyone at the club who organised another great day.


  1. What a cracking show with some wonderfully looking games. The more I see of the Samurai stuff the more tempted I become.


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