Monday 9 August 2010

Claymore 2010, Purchases

Had an enjoyable day out at this years Claymore even if the halls were very hot and close but a good day anyway with the new venue being a definite improvement.

The traders were doing well I noticed but I was being fairly circumspect and, bieng fairly skint, didn't buy too much even though saw lots to be tempted by.

The first item I did pick up was from the bring and buy, and was a set of the GW Mordheim Sisters of Sigmar. Most are destined to join the ranks of my Empire Militia unit with a couple being rounded up for conversion duties.

The next two offerings were picked up from Dave Thomas' stall, namely a Andalsian Characters/Personalities pack by Artizan Miniatures, and a Copplestone 'Trooper Officers' blister pack which completes my requirements for my Future Wars project, just need to get them based and painted.

My only other purchase was for some terrain modelling materials picked up from Mutineer Miniatures (Hi Brian, Mark and Kenny) which offer a very extensive range of said materials, paints etc (plug, plug!).

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