Thursday 5 August 2010

Somewhere in Italy

Recently have had a small skirmish with Dave K at the club, trying out something a bit differant, namely a Renaissance period skirmish. This was using the old (1985ish) Table Top Games rules 'Sword and Pistol'.

A fun set of rules and very fast play (well fast play for 1985). My Spanish troops were set up in the middle of the italianate scenery round some eclosed fields and Daves English troops came on at a random position with his cavalry coming on on a random position again being diced for when they came on.

Daves forces advanced towards my position with a bit of sporadic fire from the two sides. But when it came to blows a sizable proportion of Dave's yoemen decided they didn't want to face the finest troops in Europe in hand-to-hand combat and fled hotly pursued by a couple of my troops. Following that the mercenary captain cut down a further couple of his opponents. Daves cavalry arrived, slightly too late, bowling over a couple of the Spanish, a continue on through the melee to vistas distant as the skirmish was all but over.

A quick and enjoyable game. The rules thouroughly recommended if you can find a copy.

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