Wednesday 6 October 2010

Crusader Club Game

Just had another recent game of Crusader using my Berbers, with club member Dave K on our Club night this week.

Ended in another victory for the Berbers but not without some close moments. Really like the Crusader Rules and have always enjoyed the games I have played using these rules. As with most fast play rules, there are always situations where the rules appear silly or annoyingly won't let you do what you want to do but all in all a recommended set for anyone playing Ancient/Dark Age/Medieval games.

The picture above is of our Crusader game at the end of August, a narrow victory to the Berbers but only because of running out of time on the club night.


  1. I purchased the Crusader rules set but couldn't get an opponent at the local club at the time ("we play 28mm with any rules set as long as its WAB") so sold them on. Wish I kept them now.How fast is fast play with them? Thanks for posting.

  2. We play Crusader as an alternative to WAB. Normally a 3000pt a piece game (about the same as a 2000pt a-piece WAB Game) on a club night and can usually play a game from start to finish in about 3 1/2 hours including setting up and clearing away.

    We like them as an alternative to WAB but play that too. Crusader gives you a more balanced game but still with the chance element. Mainly it takes away the extreme situations of WAB. You can have a game with the Crusader rules without any re-basing etc with your WAB armies. Definately recommended if you want a bit of a change of pace. Thanks


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