Sunday 24 October 2010

Mega Mordheim Game

This weekend saw a game with a difference, myself and JTM decided to try something with a bit more bite than our usual Mordheim skirmish game but decided to make it 'bigger' by having each side 3 warbands instead of just one. Not a free for all but sides - 'good vs bad', make your own mind up who is who!

So, we decided that each side should be made up of any warbands but not obviously impossible allies, (like witch hunters allied with Chaos Carnival etc etc). Each side could have one warband of up to 300pts rating, one of up to 200pts and one of up to 100pts rating. After our choosing process, mine being fairly easy, JTMs' being a bit more difficult we settled on, in rating order;

The Good Guys - Protectorate of Sigmar, Witch Hunters, and Kislevites
The Bad Guys - Black Orcs, Beastmen and Bandits (Good alliteration there!).

A 6' x 4' table was set up with fairly even terrain with just a couple more difficult areas and then the warbands were each determined to have a random entry point (entry points being each 2' around the table) and a random order of moving. JTMs' deployment was a bit scattered with his Black Orcs starting beside my Protectorate, his Beastmen out on their own in the middle of one side of the table, and his Bandits between my Kislevites and Witch Hunters (who were beside my Protectorate).

The game kicked off with the Protectorate and the Black Orcs rushing towards each other and locking each other in combat pretty quickly with the superior number s of the Protectorate quickly gaining the upper hand with the Witch Hunters giving support while heading off the Beatmen preventing them from lending a hand to their allies.
The Bandits, being the lightest of the bad guys thought that discretion was the better part of valour and headed away from the fray and attempted to intercept the Kislevites who were down the other end of the table.

The Kislevites advanced warily towards the Bandits who also moved cautiously with a mutually ineffective exchange of fire. Mean while the Black Orcs were getting butchered by the righteous might of the Protectorate and their Witch Hunter brethren and the Beastmen finally got into combat against a wall of steel presented by the Witch Hunter heavies, who kept their flanks secure and stopped the Beastmen numbers getting in.
Soon the Black Orcs were cut down to an orc, bellowing defiance to the last (they made their break test saves convincingly, and the Beastmen decided that they were on to the same and decided that they had some very important business else where. The Bandits also faired badly when the Kislevites charged in and cut down four of their number in one round. At this point we called it a night with two of the Black Orcs surrounded by about fifteen or so, the Beastmen in full retreat and the Bandits looking bloodied all for ... not a sigle casualty on the Good Guys side.

Interesting game but with JTMs dice throwing being pretty abysmal, lots of hits but almost no wounds it was a pretty one sided affair with the Bad Guys lack of fire power being noticeable and an unlucky deployment adding to tip the balance.

Next time I think a more their side and our side deployment, or at least a bit more choice would be more interesting. At least this time the villagers can sleep safe in their beds, but next time it might not be so simple....

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