Saturday 9 April 2011

April WIP

Sometime since I did a WIP post, maybe because there hasn't been a whole lot of progress on my various projects but recently as reported with the new Mordheim campaign at the club I have started putting together my new warband, the Gunnery School cadets;
The Magnificent Seven
Three, "the Cap'n", and the two Marksmen are slightly further on (ie undercoated) and the other four for the Instructor, the Senior Classman "the Old Boy", and the two Under Classmen "the New Boys" are now assembled and ready to rock. With a couple of pennies to spend from their first outing ther might be someone to add soon.
The "Old Boy" and the Cap'n behind him
The Instructor and "the new Boys"

Pleased with the results, now to get them painted.

Also on the painting table after purchasing via ebay are some Grey Knight terminators suitably paint stripped, re-assembled and based.
Grey Knight "Battlesuits"

These are going towards my Witch Hunter army that I have been collecting slowly over the years. They will also double up as Oni Class Battlesuits when playing Urban War.

Speaking of Urban War, I've just last night, (very late last night - yawn) had an experimental game with my mate JTM using the Urban War rules for a near future western hemisphere civil war clash. With similar army stats and even points the game was toe to toe, blow for blow right to the end with me with three grunts defending their corner of a forgotten street from a veteran sergeant and and his corporal where upon JTM chickened out and didn't charge in to face the guns of the grunts, (maybe it was because it was four in the morning and the brandy had run out?). Great game and anybody's right up to the end. Try more of that soon.

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