Sunday 16 September 2012

More Perry 'Italians'

Just recently released by the Perry's again are a couple of further releases in their European Armies Range are some separate heads for Italians for the Mercenaries boxed set and round and oval shields as separates too.

The eye candy to go with the release are the Stradiots;

EA26 Stradiot Command

EA27 Stradiot with Lances
Up to the usual Perry standard and a useful addition to this useful and hopefully further expanding range. Though actually Albanian and the Balkans generally, they were brought into 'notice' by the Venetians, so come under the heading of Italians I suppose, hence the release with other Italian bits.

There haven't been many decent sculpts of Stradiot available (probably The Assault Group being the best available currently and Old Glory's older sculpts but with more variety) so these are a welcome addition.

I would like to see how they shape up size wise with the TAG miniatures to do a bit of mix and matching if possible, but we'll leave that to later in the year hopefully once I get some progress under my belt with the Italian Wars project first. I suspect that the mix and match here is not likely to work due to the differences in style but we'll check it out.


  1. I am going to get some of these myself very useful!

  2. They look like excellent figures but if they are the same size as the Perry plastic men at arms I think you will probably need to put them in a separate unit from the TAG ones, have a look at the size comparison I posted:

    They are a good head taller than the TAG, Eureka and old Wargames Foundry figures

    1. Cheers Oli, I thought they might not fit together. Might just need to do some head swops to get a bit of variety.

  3. They're really nice but then I'm a Perry whore!


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