Sunday 23 November 2014

Necromunda Campaign - Round 01

Table one

A catch up post for the first round of the club Necromunda Campaign just kicking off a couple of weeks ago (well OK, a month ago, but who's counting).

With a total of twelve participants signed up for the campaign this one is going to be busy and hopefully full of action and entertainment.

The first round with 6 turning up for the first bash we went for four on one table and two on another and we started off things with Andy's vertically challenged Van Saar, Dave Goliath's, Ken's House Cawdor and my own Red Redemption on the first table and Kev's Cawdor versus John's Eldar on the other table after the usual random deployment throws.

Table Two
The randomly determined starting points meant I was starting in the open facing up to the Van Saar who with 'Tunnels & Vents' skills meant they could forward deploy pretty much where they wanted. And they did.

Goliath's in the open!

The Goliath's mob handed faced up to the Cawdor fanatic's who outnumbered took to cover while the Goliath guys advanced pretty much in line order while pouring lead into the enemy while advancing.

The Redemption in the open!

Starting the fight in the open was not a good idea for the Redemption crew especially as the Van Saar already had snipers in good positions right from the start, so the Redemption rushed towards cover and immediately came within range of the most forward deployed Van Saar, but they ket loose with Autogun fire and flamers and themporarily downed a couple as they ducked for cover.

In return the Redemption took some fire but no permanant loses. Next round and pretty much every one had targets but the leading Zealot got mashed by the Van Saar leader before she could even swing her Eviscerator. Returning the favour, the Redemptionists took out the Van Saar leader in a blast from the Priests meltagun and another wave of flamers.

Next up the Van Saar dropped the other Zealot and with one of the Crusader Brethren temporarily dropped a Break test was required and this of of course failed in excellent style and the Redemptionists fled the scene. Though having caused some minor wounds on the Van Saar.

On the other side of the field the Goliath's advancing seemed to go pretty well much to everyone's surprise and even with the Cawdor Crag Rats doing lots of climbing and sniping and much sneakiness they went down pretty quickly to the Goliath might (though not as quickly as the Redemptionists) and the Goliath's turned and headed en-masse towards the Van Saar who were equally advancing across the gang ways though they used cover on the way.

Van Saar on the move
Goliath's use the unsubtle approach again.
The clash when it came was short lived and the shear numbers of the Goliath's worked in their favour and it wasn't long before the Van Saar had to make their break test and legged it too, leaving the Goliath's the victors of this Gang Fight.

Van Saar firing line
Over on the other table Kev's Cawdor had a very difficult time of it against the might of the fully equiped Eldar but he made a bold stand against them ducking and diving in cover but with only his leader really able to do any damage against the Xenos tide, the game was only going to end one way.

And end one way it did though they managed to last longer against the Eldar than the others did against the Goliath's so John's Eldar didn't have it all their own way.

A good start to the new Necromunda Campaign which will involve 10 main rounds with interspersed fill in one-on-one games in between so a maximun 19 games each before the Big Finale next year.

Next week, is my Round 2 game with Doug, Kev and Andy with a Scavenger scenario picked from the campaign ladder by the winner of the Round 1 Dave and his Goliath's. This should hopefully be reported quicker than Round 1.


  1. Very cool game - makes me want to get out my Space Marines someday too :)!

    1. Cheers Dean, you should do. Necromunda is another of the good GW games that are worth doing. Lots of fun.

      Next round of the campaign on it's way.


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