Monday 1 December 2014

Necromunda Campaign - Round 2 Scavengers

Round 2 of the campaign already :-) and another four way game (6 of the other players having already played their Round 2 game a week or so ago) and this time the scenario is the Scavengers scenario.

The contestants up for a fight this time were my Red Redemption fanatics, Doug and his Genestealer Cultists, Kev's House Cawdor and Andy's Van Saar.

The Initial setup

House Cawdor start their exploration
Following the ubiquitous random deployment, and initiative House Cawdor kicked things off and advanced towards the centre, followed by the Redemptionists doing likewise.

The Van Saar and the Cultists with their nefarious 'Vents and Tunnels' abilities deployed their forward scouts and 'claiming the majority of the loot from the outset.

The Red Redemption start their hunt for loot...
With nothing to lose and much to gain, the Redemption and Cawdor fanatics launched themselves into the fray, but trying to keep to cover in the process.

...and move into the structures for cover.
The scenario had a 'scary monsters' roll for each players turn and a few occasions were meted out but only one of the Van Saar were actually taken out by this, the rest of the rolls were pretty innocuous, like the Brother at the back being 'delayed' for a turn.

The Redemption generally made for the high ground and quickly put fire onto the forward Van Saar but only temporarily dropping a couple in their vantage points, while the two Deacons made a beeline for two loot counters that could be seen in the gantries. The Priest, flanked by the two Zealots rushed the loot stashed on the wrong side of the check point. (hopefully the double handed Eviscerator armed maniacs would draw the attention of the nearby Van Saar lurking the the shadow of the central tower).

The best of the Brethren drops on round 2
 and doesn't manage to stand again for the whole match!
Quickly the Van Saar retaliated and dropped one of the Deacons as he rushed towards one of the Loot counters, and dropped a Brother who was sniping at them from cover.

The Priest rushes for the loot while the Zealots take the hits

A fellow Brother with a long shot from his shotgun took out one of the Van Saar guarding the loot counter atop the guard tower. The Deacon with the flamer dropped the Van Saars companion as he sped towards the other counter.

Reaching the counter at the Check Point while taking fire, the Priest managed to pick up the loot while the Zealots tried to slow the Van Saar who rushed into combat. The combat went poorly for the Reds with the Van Saar winning all the combats and it ended with one Zealot out of action and the Priest and the other Zealot dropped.

Cawdor in the shadows
(MacBeth would be proud)

The House Cawdor generally were keeping to cover and laying down a lot of fire at the Genestealer Cultists they could see who were spread out a fair bit. The Cultists in turn, returned fire but little effect was caused to either side at first.

The Van Saar made a few side steps towards the Cultists on their left but no serios moves but enough to make the Cultists watch their flank and hold back from an all out attack on Cawdor.

A Cultist holds off the Van Saar flanking move

Cawdor keep together while laying down suppressing fire
on the Culists 
Slowly but surely, Cawdor advance keeping together and slowly surround the forward Cultists and make a bid for the nearest loot which the Cultists have been guarding.

The recovery rolls for the Priest and Zealot didn't go well on the next time round and both succombed to their wounds. This meant that on my next turn a Break test was required. This left the Van Saar free to move round and hoover up the loot in the area.

Van Saar move off with another of the loot counters

The Reds clutch two of the Loots in the nick of time.
The Deacons on the far side of the field now made a bit for glory. The dropped Deacon crawled on his hands and knees and managed to reach the loot on the gantry and claimed it for the righteous ones. The other Deacon rampaged up the ladder and rushed the Van Saar on top the guard tower who was still a flame from the previous Deacons flamer and with Chainsword and Hand Flamer laid the Van Saar out and claimed the second loot counter.

With three out of the match and two on the ground, I called it a day and the Reds vacated the scene but with two loot counters for their trouble.

Cawdor and Cultists shoot it out on the gantries
With the majority of the loot in their possession and with three of their number out of action, the Van Saar also decided to leg it.

Van Saar move to claim the high ground (and the low)

The fight between Cawdor and the Cultists began to come to head at this time and a couple of Cultists were dropped by fire even though the hand to hand fight was inconclusive. With one loot counter in their possesion, the Cultists bade the fight a farewell to minimise loses too.

The fight for the last loot
This meant that though they had suffered pretty lightly the House Cawdor had possession of the field (and by default the winner) they had recovered none of the loot which left Kev a bit non-plussed by the turn of events. Still a win is a win.

Round 3 is up pretty soon so the fast paced campaign will continue unabated and things should start hotting up too.


  1. Good to see Necro still getting some love! Great setup you have there.

    1. The campaign once announced has proved popular as lots of the guys had fond memories so big love to the N :-) The terrain is just everbody's bit and bobs gathered together but proved interesting to fight over.

  2. I love the amount of terrain. Love the 3 dimensions...platforms and catwalks...closed in spaces and whatnot.

    David S.
    Minnesota, USA

    1. Cheers David, definitely a case of more is more.


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