Monday, 11 May 2015

Carronade 15 - Show Reportage

Another bumper show again this year and Carronade '15 being the clubs' tenth show, a bit of a milestone. There was a lot happening once again, and a busy, but enjoyable day ensued.

The weather generally behaved itself and with that the crowds came out to play. The show this year had it's greatest number of Clubs and games on display (and for participating in) and the largest number of traders too, with a few new faces plying their wares along with the old stalwart's of the shows.

The show apparently exceeded it's previous numbers through the door again by a wee bit, so that is encouraging, and the traders all appeared to be happy with buisness overall. The Flea Market once again saw a brisk trade all through the day right up to the closing hour and the Painting Competition again saw a very slight increase in the number of entries, (though the Junior and Single Historical figure categories were well down on the number of entries from previous years).

The upper hall had the more settled games on show and the games with a trader connection were generally there too. This is the quieter area with bods generally seated and taking part in participation games, many of which were a hit with the youngsters.

The next hall down stairs was once again busy with a mix of Traders and club games.

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The central hall is always interesting with some great games on here, usually the slightly 'different' games, and a select number of traders squeezed in.

The other large hall was also full to the gunwales with traders and club games.

The Painting Competition was fairly well attended again this year with the number of entries very slightly up from last year. 

A pity that the Junior section was poorly attended, especially after previous years where some of the best entries have come from that category, though a couple of previous entrant have now emigrated to the big leagues, including the best of show winner this year.

A perhaps more surprising trend is the reduction in historical entries, and the expansion of the Fantasy/SciFi sections, or perhaps not surprising seeing where the bulk of the buying and selling was going on. The Vehicles category was pretty well down in entrants this year too, which I was disappointed with as it's my particular favourite category.

Still, with these things I've learnt to know that next year will probably be completely different.

Parking apparently became a bit of an issue later in the day due to the numbers visiting, so unfortunate but a sign of success I suppose.

A good day chin-wagging and seeing the games on etc. Didn't have much time for shopping between bouts on the Painting Comp, but picked up a couple of ideas for future projects. All in, quite happy with the day.

Game and Painting Competition winners can be found here.

I believe Wargame's Illustrated roving reporter was about and abroad at the show, so some report may be featured there on the show, here's hoping.

Another busy and enjoyable show in the bag, and hopefully enjoyable for all the visitors and participants who came along too.

Same place, same time next year.


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