Wednesday 27 May 2015

Necromunda Campaign Round 6 - Tunnel Fight

A quick update on the Club Necromunda Campaign. (Otherwise known as a catch up post).

This Round (being the sixth) was played last month with myself and The Red Redemption, John and his Craftworld Eldar, Dave and the Goliath's and Andy's Van Sarr getting down and dirty in the Tunnels. The scenario being my choice for the round as I was the victor of the Round 5 (much to my surprise), and I quite fancied something a bit more cramped and claustrophobic which I hoped would suit my gangs weapon load-outs.

The gangs all started out on opposite sides of each other, the Goliaths oppsite from my Redemptionists and the Eldar to my right with Andy's Van Saar opposite them to my right.

Each of the gang's advanced cautiously into the maze with the Goliath's heading pretty quickly towards the Eldar and the Redemptionists and Van Saar moving towards each other.

The first part of the engagement turned round pretty quickly from then, more the usual Necromunda game fayre. The Goliaths engaged the Eldar from either end of a short corridor and several of the Goliath's went down pretty quickly to a bunch of grenades and shurikins from the Eldar and Dave then promptly failed his bottle test.

The Redemptionists prompted for a two pronged attack (to maximise the number that could engage) after first throwing a fanatic to the wolves to slow the Van Saar down, and then launched an attack from two rooms at the dwarves who ended up nicely bunched at a tee junction. The only risk here was that I had to jump through one doorway first and risk the return fire to get into position. Luckily for me Andy's dice were poor and no hits were incurred.

With a multitude of shots, most of which connected and a grenade for good measure, five of the Van Saar went out of action in very quick order and Andy beat a hasty retreat to save casualties.

With it now down to the Eldar and the Redemptionists, a lull ensued as both gangs consolidated and now moved towards the new threats. The Eldar making the quickest advance as they were less strung out from their previous fight.

What next ensued can only be termed a dong-dong fight, and easily one of the best in the campaign to date.

With the Redemptionist's making the initial move scored a couple of quick downs and one out of action thanks to some useful Autogun and Flamer fire and this quickly got the Eldar into a break test which amazingly the Eldar passed, though at this point things did look dicey for the Eldar and I was beginning to think I could get two victories in a row.

There then followed three rounds or so of indecisive skirmishing but with a particular Guardian making a bit of head way and dropping a couple of the Brethren mainly to the use of Grenades. Each Round the Eldar made their bottle test with aplomb. Then the Redemptionists went passed the break test mark with another down from the annoying Guardian, but I passed the break test much to my amazement and the fight went on.

The fight went on but with the Eldar managing a turn around of events mainly due to the one Guardian and a string of successful break tests, victory slowly slid from my grasp and even though I amazingly made several break tests too, in the end bowed to the enevitable and the mounting casualties and called it a day giving the Eldar a hard fought, but well deserved victory. easily the longest fight so far and very enjoyable to boot.


  1. Fantastic report, always good to see more Necromunda being played. Gah there's always one miniature that punches above their weight and just won't die like that Guardian isn't there.

    1. Thnx Kieran, the Guardian was a pain but grand barny all the same

  2. Ah yes, my wonderful plan of setting everyone up on Overwatch and then failing to hit a single thing.

    1. You were very unlucky Andy, I expected to lose one maybe two on the charge but your dice were appalling. :-)


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