Saturday 20 June 2015

Future Wars Update 006 - Mechanised Infantry Platoon Complete

1st Platoon 1st Company 3 Scots (Mechanised Infantry), 2065 AD

Finally getting thing's into gear again and I got around to finishing off ('at last!' I hear them scream) my Mechanised Infantry Platoon for my Future Wars project.

With only one squad and it's vehicle to do, I bit the bullet over the last week or so and got them done including the APC (which prooved quite difficult to match the previous two, though you wouldn't have thought so with a pretty middling blue colour scheme but it ended up pretty close any way. (Plus it is a different model to the other two, supporting a GMG rather than the chain gun's of the other APC's).

Charlie Squad
Along with getting Charlie Squad done and dusted and bringing the Platoon up to full strength, I also, while I was about it, painted up a squad of other troops, in the form of some Special Forces types, to use as a bit of punch to augment the Regular's.

Attached Special Forces Squad
Now with the 1st Platoon, 1st Company 3 Scots (Mechanised Infantry) complete and in the bag I can continue with The Enemy which is now all prepared and ready for painting up with the their second squad already in the slips.

I've had a couple of small exploratary game's and have been tweeking the rules (Future Wars) slightly as a result, to make troops, particularly the Kra'uul, a bit more durable.

I've also been playing about a bit with the vehicle rule's to make them a bit more interesting and bringing in some light flyer types for a bit of hit & run and straffing. I'm also looking to get some human type upgrades for the 'Hoomies' in the form of some believable Hard Tech but keeping a weather eye out to see what I think fits.

I'll write up the proposed back story for a bit of fun and setting the scene, soon.

Once I get the other two Kra'uul squad's painted up, I can get my first game proper and start the ball rolling with 'the Defence of Stirling Barracks'. Watch that space.


  1. Very nice. Thanks for posting these.

  2. These look really good, I remember painting some of these figures back in the day

  3. Thanks guys, pleased with how they turned out.

  4. These are looking great. Looking forward to some shots of them in game!


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