Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Hello, Good Evening and Welcome!

The holidays have seen a fair bit of activity and general chaos over the last few days, not least the weather and the subsequent power cuts, trees down, family incursions and friends from foreign parts having enforced stays, and of course the appropriate celebrations, all of which have meant not a lot of time to get any modelling, painting or indeed blogging done.

However, the dust has just this evening settled, hopefully, and I can look forward to a couple of days of leisurely pastimes.

The holidays have seen a number of new additions to the Warblog followers and so to them I bid a warm welcome;

First up is The Angry Luker, Fran is known to many and his great and varied blog The Angry Lurker is always worth a perusal.

Next on the welcome list is Kuglurz who has a pretty new blog Bitewinaki, which looks promising with interesting terrain modelling for Mordheim.

Another from across the channel is Hamster. who has a very interesting blog The dojo hamstersamourai which again has a plethora of wargaming subject matter in particular 40K but getting into other things too.

Another couple of new bloggers have also joined the Warblog, David with his newly created Lead Warrior blog (Hi Dave!) and TamsinP with her Wargaming Girl blog, both of which look promising and we wish them both many happy blogs of the New Year.

Last of the Guest list this time round (and of course not least) is Lee Hadley who is a prolific blogger and his site Big Lee's Miniature Adventures is a veritable gold mine of wargaming past and present.

Welcome all once again and hope to see you in the blogosphere soon (except Dave who'll I see on Monday for a game of WHFB to kick off the years gaming).

Right I'm off to get some well deserved painting done, see you next post and I hope the dust has settled in your homes too!


  1. Roll on Monday. I haven't had a wargame in a month and I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms

  2. Your right, it's been a while, over the festives. Looking forward to a game too.


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