Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Begrüßen Alle!

Well once again another month draws to a close and the wargaming muse ( I assume there is one?) has been pretty active in this neck of the woods, with a bit of painting getting done, research into a few of the ongoing projects and a bit of modelling to boot, some of which has found it's way onto the Warblog.

The Warblog has been pretty well visited this month and thanks to all for their interest and comments, both kind and otherwise, on the goings on in the house of ALBAtwo Warblog.

A couple new welcomes are due to a few wanderers in the blog-ether who have stopped by and paused a while;

SADA was the first of the visitors who paused a-while and his interesting (by way of the pictures only as I don't read Japanese) blog Pages of Sada's Blog which has a fair few nice pictures on it of a Napoleonic nature.

thehermit also dropped by though I'm not sure if he has a website/blog as none are indicated on his profile, perhaps you can enlighten me if you do, but welcome none the less.

A trackhead going by his monicar StuG also joined in on his wanderings. His blog ARMOURED FIGHTING VEHICLE has some quite spectacular scratch built models, and being a bit of a trackhead myself, I think that's just fine. 

The last but of course not least of this band of travellers is Oleg (I'll not try and write your full Russian name if you'll forgive me, I couldn't find the cyrillic characters on the key board), once again blogger is not showing your blog on your profile but I think that the blog All World Game is yours. And any one who is doing a version of the Garde Ecossaise in miniature is OK in my book, and the miniature from Leonid does looks absolutely spiffing.

Lot's to come in the month ahead, looking forward to some games of Impetus with the first Monday coming which should be good, and progress being made on various projects, hopefully 
I'll have some good things to report in the coming days.

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