Thursday 1 March 2012

February WIP

Since I've been pretty busy over the last month and have managed to get some bit's and pieces done (yes, it's even surprised me!) I have managed to post a couple of completed works and I've nearly completed some other things too (but I'll save them for a future post) I thought I'd share some of the definitely WIP bits that I've got some progress on that will wait until other things have progressed more before getting some more attention.

The first up is the first of my WWI period troops that I've been thinking about for quite a while, these are some Cossack Cavalry for the White Russian themed force that I will put together.
White Russian Cossack Cavalry - WIP
These are Copplestone Back of Beyond range figures and are up to Marks usual high standard, looking forward to getting these painted in the fullness of time, though I haven't decided on the 'type' of Cossack they're going to be...yet.

Next up are some more cavalry, Armigeri (Mercenary German Men at Arms) destined for my Hungarian Black Army project.
Armigeri - Mercenary MAA - WIP
 Now based up and undercoated they will languish in their box until later in the year. These are all old Foundry figures picked for their more gothic look, sallets and armets generally. These should add nicely to the growing number of troops massing up for a paint job in the Hungarian forces.

The last of the trio that I thought I'd post is a bit different.
The Executioner - WIP
This old fella has been a favourite figure of mine for more years than I care to remember. An old Ral Partha figure that I liked as soon as I saw him. An old figure sitting in a box for years since I stopped playing any real RPG's, I dredged him out and have stripped off all the old paint (some of which really didn't want to go) and I've now got him ready for a new lick of paint. He'll no doubt get done over the next few weeks as I do other bits.

More to come next time in the way of completed figures but I'll leave that for then. Till the next time....


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Executioner H.

    I have the figure sitting on my shelf in a 30 year old colour scheme of Black cloak and white tunic.

    I bought him as I was reading Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun series at the time and I thought he would make a good Severian figure.

    1. I know the vooks well, read them around that time too. Obvuously great minds think alike right enough. Looking forward to paint him all over again, though red cloak and dark green tunic.

  2. Interesting Army Choice -think I mentioned that before- I'm really looking forward to seeing how they all turn out.

    1. Cheers LL should be fun to get them painted though the Black Army is a bit down the line after Berbers and IW French.

    2. The executioner is a bloody wonderful figure......


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