Monday, 11 June 2012

War of Rulership Campaign

After quite a bit of preparation, I have finally started my 'War of Rulership' Campaign.

Based on my fantasy campaign of days of yore on the planet of Alba, the campaign will be centre on the concluding half of the war known as the War of Rulership  and involves (one way or another) 19 factions.

The campaign will be documented on my other blog The Lornian Chronicles, with the day to day stuff done on paper and on line with the conflicts, from skirmishes to epic battles played out on the table top, so hopefully some eye candy to come, and a good old yarn too.

The stakes are set and the dice are rolling, so I'm looking forward to a bit of self imposed mayhem in the months to come.


  1. Nothing like a good campaign to get the gaming juices flowing. I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes.

    1. Your right, campaigns generally cant be beat. This ones likely to be a slow burner but great once it gets going, fingers crossed. Will post an update once the first seasons moves are done.

  2. Interesting stuff! We've had some great campaigns here locally for fantasy in the past. Definitely looking forward to seeing how yours turns out.

    Good luck!


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