Friday 15 June 2012

ECW Skirmish

This week I took part in a play test in of a skirmish ECW game put on by fellow FDWC member Dave K who is putting on the game as a participation game at a local gaming event and was wanting to have a trial run. Fair enough.

Oh look a cannon! Aarrgh!
My opponent for the evening was Pete who took on the guise of the rascally Royalists and I was the roguish Roundheads out for mischief.

Some Dragoons out for a ride in the countryside.
I wont go into any details about the scenario and the game lest I spoil any surprises, in case anyone's looking who might play the game, but enough to say myself and Pete had a great game with lots of laughs and caused a few headaches for Umpire Dave, who true to form, didn't get phased at all.

A pleasant ride through the countryside
The rules Dave was using were an old set ' Once Upon a Time in the West Country', a skirmish set for ECW games which worked pretty well and with Dave winging things, the game was great fun.


  1. Gorgeous setup and terrain. ECW is sadly underlooked for skirmish level games, I think

  2. Thanks for posting without spoilers Rory -I have linked to the MacLAM board as a teaser

  3. Nice looking game and skirmish for ECW is often seen.



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