Saturday 30 June 2012

Perry Italian Medievals...More Goodness

After my musings on the Perry's latest releases for their European Armies range, I noted that the Italian Clergy models would be good for doing a Carroccio diorama or something similar, and lo and behold the Perry's have read my mind;

On their metals workbench an Italian Carroccio which looks to a another great looking set for their rapidly expanding European Armies range.

Also noted on their workbench were these labourers;

and these Italian Crossbow;

and these light infantry types;

All of these figures (not sure when they will be released, but I suspect soonish) look suitably tasty and will be added to my rapidly growing Italian Wars lead mountain. The light infantry and crossbow will go nicely with the Command group they've recently released (and I've recently purchased) 

along with the Clergy set mentioned above.

I am pleased to say that the Perry's appear to intend to expand this range further and I look forward to their next items in their prolific output.

The Italians depicted above are generally useful for Condottiere forces and Italian States of the mid to late 15th Century but the mazzocchio (torus shaped head gear) worn by some of the figures does put them in the circa 1450 - 1475 periods but that really wont stop me from using them in my Italian Wars armies, though all these releases including their Men at Arms cavalry does open up a strong possibility for an Italian Condottiere army as a stand alone army. I'm certainly amassing a sizeable amount of figures for the Italians that I might do an 'either/or' army of 1450 Condotttiere/1495 Italian Wars and get the best of both worlds. Probably the best (and cheapest) option.

Mixing the chaps above with TAG Italian Wars Italians and my recent Venexia Codottiere purchases, does open up lots of good looking possibilities for my Italian forces.


  1. Excellent looking models for sure. The range is really shaping up. Glad I don't game this period so I can save my money for other Perry Minis. :)


  2. Hendrid- thanks for the Review. I have been waiting for figs like this for my Renaissance galleys.



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