Friday, 12 December 2014

The Hobbit - The Battle of the Five Armies

Looking forward to see the Battle of the Five Armies which is released today.

The bit I've been looking forward to seeing since they started the whole Hobbit adventure. Going by the clips I've seen so far it looks to be pretty good, but what's not to like about massive battles on an epic scale.

I'm not going to let the slightly improbable multi-racial (not least to say vertically challenged) love interest get in the way of a good battle-fest.

Certainly bound to be a few ideas for scenario's etc from this the 'last' in the cycle of the LotR films. You never know though, some of the Silmarillion might get made into a film or two yet :-).


  1. Hi Hendrid, sorry to disappoint but the film rights for The Silmarillion have never been sold and still remain with the Tolkien family. The family didn't appear to like any of the modern films so it is unlikely that Peter jackson will ever be able to make a version of the Silmarillion.

    1. Hi Matt I know, just a bit if wistful thinking about the Silmarillion, but you never know in the future. Certainly lots to make a film or two within it's pages

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