Tuesday 23 December 2014

Necromunda Campaign - Round 3 Gang Fight

Redemptionist's advance into the refinery

Once again the gangs were out looking for a fight in this, the first game in the third round of the club Necromunda Campaign.

Up for a rumble in our outing this time were my Redemptionist's (dubbed the 'Mad Santa's' in keeping with the season), Andy's Van Saar, Kev's Cawdor, Ian's Escher and John's Eldar.

After the usual random deplyment and throwing for initiative, things kicked off with the Eldar taking up position at one end of the refinery with a commanding view of a good part of the field and started taking pot shot's at anything that moved.

The Eldar set up 'Camp Bieltan' at the end of the table
House Cawdor, adjacent to the Eldar took cover as best they could and started returning fire on the Eldar, though Kev thought he may get the worst of this exchange in the long run.

Cawdor take cover and return fire

Next round House Escher take up positions and start to exchange fire with House Goliath as they begin to mass on their left flank.

In return the Goliath's start to advance quickly, due to the lack of cover at low level with a couple of their heavy weapons taking position at vantage points above to offer covering fire.

House Goliath advance in the open on House Escher
under covering fire from their heavy weapons

The Redemptionist's move through the refinery towards the battle between Escher and Goliath's with the tail of the cultists realising they wouldn't get anywhere in time turning and using cover headed towards the outermost Eldar stationed on one of the refinery tanks.

The fire fight between the Eldar and House Cawdor continued with initial success going to Cawdor taking an early advantage taking out on of the Eldar Number and downing another.

This advantage was brief however as the Eldar began to bring numbers to bear on the Cawdor and though another Eldar went down to a Melta blast the accurate shooting of the Eldar quickly began to drop the ganger's in return.

The Goliath's start to go down
The advance of the Goliath ganger's quickly became a very messy affair with gun fire and melee and grenade's exchanged but this very quickly turned in the favour of the defending Escher who managed to concentrate their fire and in the end take out the Goliath's where they failed to get that important kill.

The Redemptionist's close through the refinery on the
 distracted Escher and Goliath's

The 'Mad Santa's' closed on the exposed Eldar Scouts and under significant fire (mainly from flamers) both of the scouts were taken out of action.

Very quickly on the other side with a lot of casualties down and out of action from the withering Eldar fire, House Cawdor saw the better side of valour and quit the field.

The Eldar start the move round towards House Escher's
This was quickly followed by House Goliath with Dave's heavies not doing well against the Escher decided to cut his quickly mounting losses. This left the Redemptionist's advancing on House Escher through the refinery with a third of it's number on the other side of the refinery still a distance from the main body of Eldar.

Redemptionist's taking cover from Eldar Sniper's

The Eldar then promptly failed their bottle test, forced by un-characteristicly high losses leaving these three for all intent's and purposes out of the fight.

This then left the Escher to slug it out with two third's of the Redemptionist's who had nothing for it but to give it large and charge the slightly scattered Escher.

Dropping a couple early on in the exchange the number advantage on the spot soon tolled once the Escher re-grouped and took cover from the new threat and once again the Priest's bodyguard, my close combat zealots with their eviscerator's, failed to do anything in combat other than a brief flame attack downing a couple temporarily and with the Priest going down from a long shot, it was time to fight another day.

Escher take cover and return fire on the encroaching
A good, gun-fest of a fight with thing's obviously hotting up a bit as the gang's begin to pick up some experience but still lack any staying power. But promising on things to come.

A well deserved victory goes to a canny Ian and his House Escher who saw off two attacks and a it of sniping to gain a victory.

In the after game experience round however, House Escher saw their survival rolls for casualties bringing up the Redemptionist's capturing his Merc gun-fighter and converting him to the Redemptionist cause. Hallelujah! The Redemptionist cause grows, mu-wha-ha-ha-ha!

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