Saturday 6 August 2011


'Keeping it large and loose' this week and so not huge amounts done but chilled out and looking forward to Claymore 2011 tomorrow through in Edinburgh. Not planning on mega purchases but keeping an eye out for any shiny bargains and hope to snap a few pieces of eye candy of some of the nice games put on for the show. Should be good.

Also a welcome to the Warblog is due for Paul of the Man Cave whose blogs are probably well known to many out there with lots of gaming and modelling goodness, and to Christopher(aka Axebreaker) who is also out there on the forums and whose blog is definitely worth having a look particularly for all the Dark Age figures, I particularly like the El Cid stuff, tasty.

What I have been doing this week is getting lots of planning done and thinking out things for the various projects I've got on the go or that I'm planning on doing in the future with one coming to the fore, namely a French/Bavarian Malburian army and have been reading up on this and getting a bit of background. It's a period I've been interested in since I was a nipper reading Winston Churchills (The Life and Times of the Duke of Malbourgh' with it's very nice maps and stirring accounts of the battles).
Battle of Oudenarde 1708
This project some way off but likely to start next year and I'll be looking to pick up 'Beneath the Lilly Banners 2' soon for using with this one. Will see how this goes but looking forward even to planning this one in detail before I dive in.

My Italian Wars project has also received a bit of attention and a few more French and Italian Units have been planned and I have made a tentative start on a unit that's been in the back of my mind for a while, namely the Garde Ecossaise for Charles VIII on foot. A fairly small unit but still difficult to get the figures for the basic trooper but I've got started now using some Perry figures and will need to get busy with some green stuff. Will keep you posted on this one.
'L'Adoration des Mages'
with Garde Ecossaise
Lots of other things sizzling in the pan, enough to keep me busy for quite a while, sometimes it's good just to think about stuff and enjoy the planning and getting into a topic as much as actually doing it.

Anyways, see all at Claymore tomorrow and will report back for those who can't make it.


  1. Thanks for the welcome and I personally am looking forward to where you take your Italian Wars project.


  2. Thanks for the interest. A personal favourite period and a popular one rightly so. Will keep this one updated.

  3. What scale are you doing Marlburian Rory?

    my 15mm Dutch army is still WIP

  4. Hi Dave, thinking that it really needs to be 28mm I'm afraid. Tried the 15mm route three or four years ago and it just doesn't cut it for me, the 28mm route just looks so much better and it's as much about the modelling as the gaming for this one. Still a ways off anyway. Haven't decided if French or Imperialist though.

  5. One never plans on making mega purchases. However, the eye caches on something shiny, heart rate rises, faster breathing increases oxygen in the blood, vision blurs and then I regain consciousness having walked away with a bag full a goodies and a lighter wallet.... Or is that just me?

    Thanks for the welcome!

  6. Hi Paul. It's always nice to see new stuff, what ever it is, it keeps the interest levels up (and brings out the little boy with his pocket money in the big toy shop in all of us I think) and rightly so ;-)


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