Monday 26 September 2011

The Right Look

Young Knight in a Landscape 1510

I have been looking through my library of source books for some inspiration for my Italian Wars project and looking to see if I can fix the look I'm going for in particular the Italians. While searching I came across this illustration in an old 1970's book on later armour. A nice piece, especially the Light Cavalry look behind the 'Young Knight' which I intend to use as the basis for my Italian light Cavalry.

The knight, and I assume the cavalryman behind him, is actually Venetian, but I have decided to theme my Italian troops round a Romagnol theme, with perhaps a smattering of Papal troops to go along side them.

I have added a page to the blog, 'Italian Wars Project' where I intend to log my progress on the project. Not much progress so far, as the last couple of months have been hectic due to holidays, etc etc have prevented me picking up my paint brush at all, but onwards and upwards....hopefully.

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